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Luego de esto, la plataforma redirige hacia la página Net Verify que es la encargada de realizar este proceso, en esta página se puede seleccionar el tipo de documento que se va a utilizar en la verificación (DNI, pasaporte o licencia de conducir) y la forma en la que se va a subir a la página (Por una foto desde la webcam, como un documento adjunto o como una foto desde el teléfono). El proceso de verificación es igual de sencillo ya que solo hay que indicar nombre y apellido, fecha de nacimiento y la dirección de residencia.

I also would like the viewers to know that often times the counter party to a futures contract is the exchange itself. Therefore they are competing with a party that can determine the outcome of the competition which makes this activity very tough if not impossible to win long-term.

Go to Binance Futures. Select the ETH pair and adjust your leverage (up to 20x) Open the contract. Select between perpetual or quarterly futures contracts. Make sure you understand btc how the platform works by reading the Binance Futures guide.

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The real question for me was interest /RIBA Which was not addressed here Does the funding fee include RIBA ? Or bitcoin Do we pay RIBA in any shape or form in a perpetual future trade ? If the answer is no, then it is technically Halal only if we Open Long positions I would thank you for btc your efforts in making this video And would be happy if you answer my question JazakALLAH.

Cabe destacar que para operar futuros, Binance solo acepta las criptomonedas Tether (USDT) y el Binance Coin (BNB) que es la criptomoneda de la plataforma por lo que si deposita en Bitcoin, primero debe hacer la conversión pero todo esto se hace dentro de la plataforma de Binance por lo que no hay nada de qué preocuparse.

Resumiendo a este punto: los contratos futuros sirven para hacer operaciones de cobertura y operaciones especulativas. De esto surge la otra sutileza de los contratos de futuros y es que es posible hacer operaciones especulativas con ellos, es decir, binance futures se puede comprar un contrato, binance esperar que el precio suba y luego venderlo, obteniendo así una ganancia del mercado sin esperar que llegue la fecha de vencimiento del contrato.

Estas son órdenes que se utilizan para cortar pérdidas y se ejecutan de forma automática cuando el mercado se va en contra de su posición. Para cortar las pérdidas, la plataforma de Binance permite colocar órdenes de Stop loss. Así, si en el ejemplo anterior se hubiese colocado un Stop loss a un nivel de 195€ por ETH, la operación se habría cerrado automáticamente cuando el mercado se hubiese ido 5€ en contra de la posición y llegado al nivel de 195€ donde se encuentra el Stop loss, cortando así las pérdidas.

Basically, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.US is very similar to the Binance that investors know all over the world. The main differences are related to the number of assets listed by Bianance.US and the jurisdictions supporting the platform.

You believe the price will go up, so you offer your grain supplier a deal – you will buy 10 tonnes of grain at the current price of $200 in six months. Half a year later, the price per 1 tonne of grain increases and it now costs $210. In this example, btc such a deal is a futures contract. As you and the supplier made a deal, you purchase 10 tonnes of grain at $200 with a $100 profit. The grain price may either increase or decrease in 6 months (it also may remain the same). A supplier does believe the price will go down, so he accepts your offer. Imagine you are a farmer and you will need grain that currently costs $200 per tonne in 6 months.

I hope you’re having a wonderful time. •Are leveraged tokens halal as they are properly defined assets? •What kind of futures are halal? I saw your video on shorting but seemingly assumed that longing is halal?

The worst abuses happen when people short more of an asset than actually exists. The tactic is to destroy the share price of a company, which will potentially harm it’s fundamentals. This is easily done because once an asset has been borrowed and sold on as part of a short play, it can just as easily be borrowed again from the new owner for yet another trade. Real companies and real jobs have been decimated in this way.

I'm sure God wouldn't mind us trading futures considering how fucking expensive everything is. Like if I want a house I can't get that without a mortgage especially here in the UK the cheapest house in London being 500k minimum.

The same also for $BTC $ETH $XRP $BCH and $LTC. $BNB is ready to be traded on https://t.co/THS3SLgCkr from the time it launches! This is what all the BNB holders has been waiting for to see!$BNB will be launched with $USD and $USDT trading pairs.

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